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Short Story


In the beginning of winter, I walked out from my house to the market to buy some foods and drinks. This morning feels so cold, more cold than winter before. Wind blows smoothly and brings the cold that piercing bones slowly. Street lights seemed solid and frozen, a little light that emitting swallowed by fog. People seem walked rushed along sidewalk. They look like a ghost that walking down wear black hat and a thick jacket. I was rushing to not too long outside.

          In the market, I took a basket and bought what I needed. At that time the market seemed quite crowded, there are many people bought some food and drink to face the winter. Suddenly I heard a sweet voice that called my name ‘James?’ I turned towards to that voice; apparently she is Mary College’s friend. After nearly six months no see, she looked more beautiful than before, with long-black hair wearing brown leather jacket. At hers neck there is a black striped shawl. She looks very casual wearing that suit of clothes. ‘How are you?’ ‘Oh hay Mary, I’m fine and you?’ ‘Yeah, me too’ ‘What do you do?’. ‘I’m a journalist that works for one of news media, how about you?’. ‘Yeah you know, still looking a job.’ She replied with a sweet smile to me. ‘Oh no problem, you will find a job that you like, how about your parents ? are they fine ?’. ‘Yeah they’re fine but my parents moved to Russia one months ago, and do you live around here ?’. asked Mary. ‘Yeah just two blocks from here’. ‘What made you came this town?’. ‘Looking for a new nuance’.

          Mary is a women that I think she’s perfect. Behind her appearance which charming, she also had good background family. She came from the business-man is quite well known in her hometown. Her father is English and his name is Thomas Dixon and her mother is Russian and her name is Maria Korsakov. Mary has a brother his name is Alan Dixon that I think his age is 21 years old. Mary is my college’s friend. When in college she is very smart. She always got a good score in every test. In addition, she had a lot of friend in the collage.

Suddenly a man came wearing black leather jacket and said ‘Hay James, it’s me Dave, still remember?’ ‘Yeah Of course. I still remembering you, how are you Dave? Long-time no see you’. ‘Haha I’m fine James’. Dave is my best friend when I was studied in college. He is very nice person. ‘Oh hay Mary, how are you?’ said Dave to Mary. ‘Hay Dave, I’m fine. What are you doing here?’ ‘Yeah to buy some foods and snacks for prepare my party’. ‘Wow you don’t tell me if you’ve had a party?’ ‘Really? Oh I’m sorry my bad, to make amends would you join to my party tonight?’ ‘What do you think about that James?’ asked Mary to me. ‘Well, I think its good idea’. ‘Okay let’s go’. Said Dave and Mary finally come with us. Dave and Mary already know each other’s since in the college and I think Dave fell in love with Mary because Dave always asked Mary to go on dates when their still studied in college.

I paid my shopping and went to Dave’s house. Dave’s house is very big and luxurious. In the middle of his yard there is a fountain. In the living room there are some of the styles of the abstract painting. At that time Dave’s house is very quiet just the three of us who was at that house. I felt suspicious that Dave lied to us. ‘Where’s your friend Dave? You said you’re going to have a party tonight?’ said Mary. ‘Maybe they come late while waiting for my friends come would you help me to prepare a dinner? I’ll go to the basement to pick some wine for us.’ ‘Okay’ said Marry. ‘James comes on help me to make a dinner’. That night I and Mary cooked soup in the Dave’s kitchen.
          Then Dave came to the kitchen and brought a bottle of wine that he took it from his basement. After we ate our dinner, Dave poured wine into goblet glass and Dave took us to toast. A few minutes later I felt a great dizzy and my eyes began to faint. Soon I fell on the floor.

I opened my eyes slowly and realized that my body was bound at a pole in the basement. That place so dark and there is only one of light a candle that was a few steps of my place. One thing that crossed my mind where is Mary? I must found Mary. I tried to unscrew my bond. And finally I can be separated from that bound then I rushed up to found Mary. Dave’s house is very big and I don’t know which way that I’ll take. Suddenly I heard the sound of falling object not far from the place that I stand. I headed towards to that voice while carried a baseball bat as my weapon that I took near the stairs to protect myself.

I kept follow my instinct to the place where the sound it comes. I arrived in the library that was big enough. Soon I found Mary which is bonds on a chair. Then I released ties rope that tie up her hands and released duct tape which covered her mouth. ‘Mary, Are you okay?’ ‘I’m scared James, I don’t think Dave so wicked’. ‘It’s okay Mary let’s get out from here’. I was luck in this room, there is a telephone and it can be used. I immediately called police and give our location.
Suddenly Mary shouted out ‘James, Watch Out!’ Dave attacked me from behind with a vas. Then I replied with baseball bat but he can avoided and he was hit my head. I did not good at fighting but I must can defeat Dave and save Mary. I swung again my baseball bat to his head and he avoided again than he grabbed my clothes and took me down to the floor.
‘So what do you think about this my friend?’ said Dave. ‘Why Dave? Why you do like this?’ ‘You know James; I never like you since we met for first time. You always seize everything from me. I pretend to be better to you’ said Dave while he took a knife from the table. ‘What’s my fault Dave?’ ‘If you don’t feel that Mary fell in love with you, you know that I was close with Mary since long but why she prefers to you? You’re a hindrance for me, you should die!’ Dave swung his knife to me. ‘Dave, no!’ Mary shouted out as she tried to protect me, accidently the knife stabbed at the back of Mary. ‘Hah! Who cares with all of this?’ Mary fell into the floor and on her back flowing fresh blood. Dave lifted the knife and tried to kill me.

When I was resigned to face my death, suddenly I heard gunshots, than I saw Dave fell into the floor and screaming hurtful. I’m very grateful because the police came on time. They immediately secured Dave and took him to the police car. The police also took Mary to the hospital by ambulance. I tried to stand up and walked toward Mary, I want to know whether she’s fine. I’m grateful she was fine. She smiled at me and said ‘James, I’m sorry all of this is my fault.’ ‘No Mary is not your fault, maybe is my fault because I’m not honest about my feelings for you’. Finally everything is over, a few days later Mary allowed to go home from the hospital and we start again from beginning of our relationship. I heard a little about Dave, he was taken to the psychiatric hospital and I never heard Dave again. From this incident I realized that not everyone was good to us every time. They always have a black side inside their heart.

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