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Book Review : House of Silk

Title                              : House of Silk 
Writer                           : Anthony Horowitz 
First Published             : November 2001
Language                     : English and Indonesian
Number of Pages         : 371


November 1890, Sherlock holmes and Dr. Watson was enjoying a cup of tea beside the fireplace. Suddenly a man came and ask Holmes for a help. He told a dibble story about a man who he met in Boston that has a wound on his face and followed him for a weeks.

Holmes and Watson interested with his story and finally they fell into the boston underground world and they found a mystery about house of silk.


"House of Silk" is a novel that is very interesting to read. The writer "Anthony Horowitz" tell a very good plot of story that make the reader wants to read all of the chapter in this book. The writer also give a good theme that can make readers know what is the situation in London at 1890 and what's situation that Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson are faced.

This book is highly recommended for peoples who loved a mystery story.

Thank you for reading my article. (y) 

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